In the press: Review of Patti’s EP Xo!!

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Jazz Tangcay at SoSoGay has published a great review of Patti’s firs solo EP Xo!!

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EP Review: Patti Russo – XO!!
3 June 2014
by Jazz Tangcay

In April we featured Patti Russo in our #musicmonday, as an artist you should know about. She’s just completed her first UK solo tour and her debut EP XO!! is out now.

XO!! is the much anticipated EP from Russo. For years, her vocals have been heard singing alongside the likes of Meatloaf and Cher. The opening track, ‘Bible and a Beer’ is a killer song, the perfect opener and introduction to Russo’s voice. ‘Is somebody out there? Is anybody here?/Somebody bring me a bible and a beer/Give me a reason, I need another round to wash him down/Somebody bring me a bible and a beer.’ She sings with attitude.

It’s a rock song with Russo’s vocals shining and a great guitar drive. Russo says, ‘I was listening to the music in a kitchen where I was staying ad I had my Bible and a Corona beer on the table, trying to come up with something. Voila! The rest is history! It practically wrote itself.’

‘How Long‘ takes us down a notch from the rock number of ‘Bible and a Beer’.

The last two songs are soaring numbers. First, ‘One Door Opens’ is a power ballad with inspiring lyrics about how life presents opportunities with every door that closes, ‘One more will open.’ It seamlessly leads us to the final track.

‘Here We Are’ is about as simple as they come, Russo and a guitar. This is one of those ballads that can move you to tears, not only the lyrics but the emotion in her vocals and driven delivery of the number. It closes the EP on a high note, which forms a perfect showcase for Russo’s talents as a musician, singer and songwriter.

This EP is something long time fans of Russo have been waiting for, and it’s been worth the wait, especially the studio version of ‘Bible and a Beer’. For new fans, it’s the perfect introduction to her music and her talents.

Having wrapped up her first solo tour, and releasing this EP, hopefully this is the beginning of bigger and better things for a performer who has taken the 20 Feet from Stardom leap from backing vocalist to solo artist.

All we can say is, someone needs to sign her fast and get this woman recording a full length album!

Standout tracks: ‘Here We Are’ / ’One Door Opens’.

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