Patti Russo’s new single ‘When it Comes to Love’ is out now on iTunes

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when-it-comes-to-love-patti-russoPatti has released a new song, titled When it Comes to Love, with Belgian producers and DJs Regi and Lester Williams. You can get it now from iTunes.

When it Comes to Love was written and recorded by Patti Russo, and the tune has been on an interesting journey before it made its way into a dance release. The song was “conceived” at Tileyard studios in London on 4 July 2014 – “Independence Day or, in this case, IndepenDANCE Day!”, Patti jokes.

“I had a session booked there with another writer, but he was unable to make it, so at the last minute, they called in one of their staff writers, Tonino Speciale, to take his place,” she recalls. “Talk about divine intervention! I knew we had written something pretty amazing that day and it was hard to not want to start singing her right away.”

“I sent it to everyone I could think of, hoping a door somewhere would open,” she adds. When the responses started coming in, one promised particularly exciting: Patti found out the song was being considered for the next James Bond film. “I got an email from someone working on the latest Bond movie, informing me of a meeting that was had regarding the song,” Patti says. However, Sony Pictures did not follow through with the idea.

Instead, When it Comes to Love headed into an altogether different direction when Belgian producers and DJs Regi Penxten and Lester Williams remixed it for release into the dance genre, featuring Patti’s original vocals.

“I am forever grateful that she landed in the hands of Regi and Lester,” Patti concludes. “They really did add that magic fairy dust to the song!”

So, head over to iTunes, grab this new tune and dance!

New single 'When it Comes to Love' out now! Get it on iTunes