Patti Russo talks about early life in a new BBC Radio interview

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A day after her tour kick-off in Southampton, Patti was back on air today doing an hour-long interview with BBC Radio Leeds. Here, she talks about growing up in New Jersey in an Italian family, an early experience on stage with her high school choir, performing dressed up as Princess Jasmin while waiting for the call from the Meat Loaf audition and working as a wedding singer at the beginning of her career. Patti also chose some of the music played on the programme, including songs by Queen, Annie Lennox and Bruce Springsteen.

More Patti Russo BBC radio interviews: listen here

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After talking on Radio Derby on Friday, Patti today appeared on more BBC radio stations to chat about her upcoming tour and her career so far. Listen to the interviews below for more details about what we can expect for her UK gigs in April, how Patti came to work with Meat Loaf, her experience touring the world for the past two decades and starring in two major musicals, and how she became a guest vocalist for Queen and a backup singer for her childhood idol, Cher.

BBC Radio Northampton, 31 March 2014

The song Bring Me a Bible and a Beer will be available on Patti Russo’s upcoming EP. Check back for more information.

Patti Russo on BBC Radio Derby

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Patti appeared on BBC Radio Derby today, talking to Andy Potter about her career, working with Meat Loaf, Queen and Cher and her upcoming solo gigs in the UK. The programme also hosted Patti’s on-air debut as a solo artist, playing her own song Where Were You for the first time on the radio.

Patti Russo on BBC Radio Derby

You can now listen to the interview here (online for the next seven days). Or, if you live outside the UK, you can listen below.

Part 1: Patti talks about working with Meat Loaf, Cher and Queen and the early days of her career

Part 2: Patti talks about her role in the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, her upcoming tour and why she’s happiest singing live on stage

Patti Russo is going on tour in the UK in April, playing Birmingham, Sheffield, Oxford, Brighton, Leicester and London. Check here for tour dates and tickets.

Audio: Patti as Esmeralda in Notre-Dame de Paris

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Here’s an audio of Patti Russo and Daniel Lavoie’s One Bright Morning You Danced from the musical Notre-Dame de Paris (London production, 2000/2001) that has just gone up on Furicchia Blu’s YouTube channel:

We’ve also got some audios from Notre-Dame on the PattiRocksVideos channel:

Live – Patti Russo as Esmeralda

The Birds they Put in Cages – Patti Russo as Esmeralda & Garou as Quasimodo

The Pagan Ave Maria – Patti Russo as Esmeralda

And here’s the audio of Bohemienne, hosted by the Neverland Express Fan Page:

Bohemienne – Patti Russo as Esmeralda

Check out our gallery pages for a few pictures from the musical programme.

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