UK tour video: Patti sings Dead Ringer For Love, talks about her idol Cher

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Have you ever seen Patti’s Cher impression? Well, here’s your chance (again) in this great HQ video that has emerged from Patti’s tour back in April. She tells the story of meeting her idol Cher and how she got to work with her in Las Vegas, and sings the Meat Loaf and Cher duet Dead Ringer For Love. (She does a mean Meat Loaf impersonation as well, by the way ;) )

For Love. From 27 April at the O2 Academy Islington, London.

Thanks to Nikola for sharing the video. Check out TheHungryPony channel on YouTube for tons of footage from Patti’s solo tour!

UK tour: Review of the Birmingham gig

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Here’s a review of Patti’s solo gig in Birmingham back in April from music website Get To The Front.

If you spot any other reviews of the tour or Patti’s EP around the web, share them with us @PattiRussoNews!

Live: Patti Russo – Birmingham O2 Academy – 13th April
16 April 2014


Anybody who knows anything about MeatLoaf will obviously know that Patti Russo is or was his chosen backing singer, appearing on all his albums, live DVD,s and of course on stage since the 1990′s. Patti Russo has decided to step out and build herself a solo career, but not everybody will know that she has had a number of high’s already away from Meat loaf, song writing, other projects like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Queen, soloist on How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and appearing in the Las Vegas version of Queen’s ‘We will rock you’ as the killer queen, plus various solo appearances on tv.


Patti Russo appeared at The O2 Academy in Birmingham to a too small a crowd for a lady of her talent, this did not put her off as she’s too good and too experienced for that kind of thing, mixing Queen, Meat Loaf and a few classics like Black Velvet and a storming version of River Deep Mountain High, and some of her own material.


Titles like, VISION, HERE WE ARE, ONE DOOR OPENS and probably her most well known BIBLE & BEER, which were applauded equally, (a good sign for the future) she has a great voice, as we all knew anyway! and it sounds like the songs to go with it, I don’t think it will be long before the size of the audience will grow as word spreads, on a footnote I understand that an album should be out in around 6 months time, and I for one look forward to it and some more show’s

Hurry up back Patti!!


In the press: “Let’s see what trouble we can get into at 50″ – interview with Patti

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Lifestyle and music site So So Gay has published a new interview with Patti where she looks back on her first solo tour and chats about what the future could bring.

Below is a transcript for the archive as always, but do check out the original post which comes with photos and videos!

‘Let’s see what trouble we can get into at 50′: Patti Russo chats to So So Gay
6 June 2014
By Jazz Tangcay

She’s spent most of her career singing as a backing vocalist for the biggest names in music; Meat Loaf, Cher and Queen to name a few; but now Patti Russo has decided to spread her wings and fly solo. So far 2014 is going in the right direction for the woman, who’s often described as having powerful pipes or being a firecracker on stage. She’s just finished her first ever solo tour across the UK and her solo EP XO!! has just been released.
We were lucky to be treated to an afternoon in Russo’s company, where she spoke candidly about ageing, singing for Cher, alongsid revealing a secret talent. Russo has her mind set on solo success and there’s just no stopping her!

So So Gay: You’ve just turned fifty last Tuesday, did you wake up and say ‘OH MY GOD’?

Patti Russo: It’s really happening. I actually woke up to hearing the doorbell ring, the dog barking and flowers being delivered to me. I could not believe it. I was in a great mood.

You don’t look 50…

[chuckles] Smoke, mirrors and spakel.

Let’s go back, You’re often described as having powerful pipes, when did you discover you could sing?

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In the press: Review of Patti’s EP Xo!!

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Jazz Tangcay at SoSoGay has published a great review of Patti’s firs solo EP Xo!!

The EP is available digitally from all major outlets:
iTunes | Google Play | Amazon UK | Amazon US | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon ES

EP Review: Patti Russo – XO!!
3 June 2014
by Jazz Tangcay

In April we featured Patti Russo in our #musicmonday, as an artist you should know about. She’s just completed her first UK solo tour and her debut EP XO!! is out now.

XO!! is the much anticipated EP from Russo. For years, her vocals have been heard singing alongside the likes of Meatloaf and Cher. The opening track, ‘Bible and a Beer’ is a killer song, the perfect opener and introduction to Russo’s voice. ‘Is somebody out there? Is anybody here?/Somebody bring me a bible and a beer/Give me a reason, I need another round to wash him down/Somebody bring me a bible and a beer.’ She sings with attitude.

It’s a rock song with Russo’s vocals shining and a great guitar drive. Russo says, ‘I was listening to the music in a kitchen where I was staying ad I had my Bible and a Corona beer on the table, trying to come up with something. Voila! The rest is history! It practically wrote itself.’

‘How Long‘ takes us down a notch from the rock number of ‘Bible and a Beer’.

The last two songs are soaring numbers. First, ‘One Door Opens’ is a power ballad with inspiring lyrics about how life presents opportunities with every door that closes, ‘One more will open.’ It seamlessly leads us to the final track.

‘Here We Are’ is about as simple as they come, Russo and a guitar. This is one of those ballads that can move you to tears, not only the lyrics but the emotion in her vocals and driven delivery of the number. It closes the EP on a high note, which forms a perfect showcase for Russo’s talents as a musician, singer and songwriter.

This EP is something long time fans of Russo have been waiting for, and it’s been worth the wait, especially the studio version of ‘Bible and a Beer’. For new fans, it’s the perfect introduction to her music and her talents.

Having wrapped up her first solo tour, and releasing this EP, hopefully this is the beginning of bigger and better things for a performer who has taken the 20 Feet from Stardom leap from backing vocalist to solo artist.

All we can say is, someone needs to sign her fast and get this woman recording a full length album!

Standout tracks: ‘Here We Are’ / ’One Door Opens’.

Photo and video of Patti from the Make-A-Wish New Jersey Gala 2014

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Earlier this month, just after the end of her UK tour, Patti headed back to the States to appear at the Make-A-Wish foundation’s charity gala in New Jersey on 10 May. Here’s a photo from the event:


© 2014 DCS Photo, via Make-A-Wish New Jersey on Facebook

Extravagant Entertainment has also released some video footage from the event, including a clip of Patti singing Total Eclipse of the Heart. Patti’s clip starts at 0:33.

In the press: SoSoGay profile of Patti Russo

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News and lifestyle website SoSoGay has posted a profile of Patti as part of their #MusicMonday: You Should Know About… series.

#MusicMonday: You Should Know About… Patti Russo
24 Mar 2014
by Jazz Tangcay

She’s been described as having ‘Powerful Pipes‘, and The Express once said, ‘Patti Russo almost stole the show, in her skin tight ensembles and with a voice that could raise the roof of a cathedral. She’s a firecracker.’

Who is Patti Russo? You might not know the name, yet, but you’ve probably heard her voice, after all she’s sung as a backing vocalist with some of the biggest names in the world; Meat Loaf, Cher, Jeff Beck and she has even performed with Queen and Brian May.

That’s not all, Russo has appeared on the West End in Notre Dame De Parisas Esmerelda and as Killer Queen in We Will Rock You.

Born in New Jersey, Russo was raised in New York. She can’t name her musical influences because there are far too many, but when it comes to her own music, she describes it as having a ‘very ethnic feel running through it. I never know what’s going to be the inspiration or the feel. It just happens when it happens and I just follow.’

She wrote ‘Take Good Care of My Heart’ which appeared in the film South Beach Dreams, where her vocal additions to the soundtrack were described as being ‘ truly gratifying.’

Russo sings with panache, gusto, energy and emotion. Her lyrics hit home. Russo performed ‘Bible and a Beer’ whilst on tour in 2008 and it fast became a fan favourite. She sings with such passion, and it is truly an addictive song. ‘How could I be such a fool thinking he was sincere?/It’s gonna be a long road/I ain’t going down alone/Is somebody out there? Is anybody here?/Somebody bring me a bible and a beer/Give me a reason, I need another round to wash him down/Somebody bring me a bible and a beer.’

‘Where Were You’ is another stand out song and is one of Russo’s finest recordings to date, showcasing her ability to write and deliver a powerful ballad that stands on par with any female singer out there. ‘Where were you?/Where was I?/When our world started crumbling I searched for a reason why/I looked deep in my heart/Trying to find/A reason you’d take all my love and leave me behind.’ Her lyrics are emotive and Russo delivers nothing but the finest of performances on all her songs.

For the past twenty years, Russo has spent much of the time working with Meat Loaf as his lead female vocalist performing with him on tour and appearing on his albums, but next month, Russo is taking charge and heading out on the road and she will be performing her own music. Russo says, ‘I’ve never taken that giant leap to start my own solo career and for me it’s like an itch that needs to be scratched! Yeh sure I am late joining the game, very late compared to others, but then again I’ve never followed the rules and I’m not about to start now!’

Patti Russo’s sultry, smoky and ever so powerful vocals are the perfect addition to your music playlist.

If you want to see what made us fall in love with her check out her tour:

10 April – The Brook- Southampton
13 April – o2 Academy – Birmingham
17 April – o2 Academy – Sheffield
19 April -Oxford o2 Academy- Oxford
21 April – Komedia- Birmingham
23 April – o2 Academy- Leicester
27 April – o2 Academy – Islington

Don’t let this artist pass you by.

New single 'When it Comes to Love' out now! Get it on iTunes